What to Look for in a Massage Table

If you run a salon, you have a lot of variables to consider for your success. There’s the talent you hire, the handling of your money, your marketing and much more. One important element you should not lose sight of, though, is your salon furniture. Keep reading as we discuss one kind in particular, your massage tables.

First and foremost, massage tables must be adequate in size that your customers can lie down on them with their whole body. If their feet stick out at the end, that’s not a huge problem.

Of course, once they lie down, they should be embraced in comfort. Massage tables come with padding, but not all padding is created equal. You want the kind that will help them forget they’re lying on a table.

Your customers shouldn’t be lying right on a table, of course. You’ll want to utilize fresh linens to further increase their comfort and provide them the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re lying on a nice, clean surface.

Lastly, be sure the tables are easy to use for all your professionals. Those that are too tall or two wide may become problematic for some of your shorter professionals.

Although massage tables can seem like basic furniture, that take on them will not help your business. Take the time to select the right kind of tables and your customers will be able to focus on their amazing massages.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul. The company provides the salon and spa equipment your business needs, from the right kind of spa table to fresh linens.