Understanding the spirituals and materialistic abundance meaning

Article by Zhang Xinyue

The definition of abundance is: “A huge amount of something.” Most people immediately think of money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an abundance of cash lying around? You could take a vacation or buy a new car or house. Things like this do bring us joy. We all need time off from work and good transportation. The problems come when we become obsessed with having “things” or material possessions.

In the western culture, we see a lot of greed. People want more. They want more money, more possessions, more clout and more love. When we solely pursue those things, we may find that they disappoint us in the end. The car gets old and worn out. The house must be cleaned and maintained.

As you look around your life, you may feel empty inside even though you have a beautiful home and lots of money. What can bring true and lasting joy?

Inner and Outer Status of Abundance

Maybe you have plenty of good things in life like wealth and prosperity. Maybe there’s no lack or shortage of any kind. You have abundance in so many areas. But what about inner peace and joy? What about a thankful heart? Spiritual abundance is a quality that makes us happy, calm and confident regardless of what’s happening around us.

Abundance Spiritually

If you’re ready to experience true abundance, then you might begin with meditating each day. Take time for self-care. Your happiness is important. Begin keeping a journal each day of your feelings, wants, need and desires. Write down what has happened in your life lately and how you feel about it.

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