Tips to help you prepare before lodging a customer complaint

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As a customer, it is important to be happy with a purchase as it confirms that you have made the right decision. However, in some instances, unhappy customers by experience may feel that addressing complaints will only end in disappointment and anger.

The following strategies can help any customer complain and receive the compensation they desire with less effort.  

Identify the problem – Before starting the complaint process gather information to build a strong case. This will involve checking if the product or service has been used as directed, the purchase can be proven, and that it is within warranty.

Outline the outcomes – Decide on what outcomes will make you happy before complaining. Outcomes could include a refund, a repair, improvements, or replacement.

Gather evidence and note down details – For complaints that require detail, start with noting down the item number, description, date the issue occurred, and what has been done as of now.

Contact the retailer or service provider – There are many ways to contact a company from visiting the store, contacting them over the phone, or online. If you choose to visit the store or speak to customer service, take down the name of the person you spoke to together with the date and time. For online communication, email the company directly or use customer complaint platforms like, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or government-managed customer complaint websites like BBB. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also popular as complaints are posted publicly.

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