Tips for taking care of your teeth as you age

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Teeth that are properly taken care of can last a lifetime with no decay or tooth loss. However, aging does cause tooth enamel and soft tissue to weaken, which can increase a person’s risk of cavities and tooth loss.

The following tips can help a person maintain good oral health as they age.

Get the right tools – To brush teeth correctly, invest in fluoride toothpaste, a soft-bristle toothbrush, and floss. Brush teeth in a circular motion using light pressure while ensuring all sides of each tooth are brushed. Flossing should be done before bed to loosen food particles between teeth.

See your dentist – Visiting a dentist twice yearly will help to catch any conditions that may require treatment. Additionally, keep your dentist aware of any medications you are taking as they can affect a person’s teeth in different ways.

Clean plaque – Plaque near the gum line can cause gum disease. Gum disease left untreated can cause teeth to loosen and decay at a faster rate.

Keep ahead of oral cancer – Oral cancer can cause concern but it is highly treatable when caught early. If you notice any white or red lumps in your mouth, lips, or tongue that do not heal within a week, visit a dentist.

Buy dental coverage – Dental treatments can be costly, therefore if your insurance provider does not cover it, choose to pay for dental coverage. Having dental cover can allow seniors to maintain their regular dental visits without the worry of incurring additional costs.

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