Three Ways to Keep Your Boat Clean and Ready for Sailing

Summary: Your boat is your prized possession. It’s important that you maintain it on a consistent basis to prolong its lifespan.

Cleanliness and organization are two factors that are sometimes neglected with today’s boat owners. Especially those that own a much larger boat, the appeal of cleaning just isn’t there. Here are some tips to stay driven and ensure your boat is looking sharp.

Consistent Deep Cleaning

The last thing that’s on your mind is to perform a deep clean after enjoying a nice day on the water. But, doing this can not only preserve your boat, but the furniture and accessories on your boat as well. Take the time to wash and scrub your boat down every other week, if possible, to ensure it doesn’t start taking on both damage and mold.

Store Your Cushions Away

Unless they’re designed for high moisture environments, any cushions you may have aboard should be stored away and kept dry for the duration that you’re away. Doing so will preserve its life and ensure it doesn’t start breaking down after limited use. Remember, if they’re not designed for the water, chances are they’ll start taking on a significant amount of moisture, which leads to a buildup of bacteria, mold, and mildew – all of which are harmful to your body.

Use High-Grade Cleaning Products

Just like you would with your car, use high-quality cleaning products every time. Cheaper products may look great on paper, but some of them contain harsh chemicals that may harm your boat and even cause discoloration. Furthermore, some of the chemicals within these products promote rust buildup, which will eventually turn your boat into a shadow of what it once was. Be cautious and always read the manufacturer’s label to determine if it’s right for your boat.

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