The Myth of Diamonds

Written by: Chic Jewelry

The diamond was long perceived as a sign of everlasting love. The phrase “diamonds are forever” conjures up images of romance, but the reality is quite different. Diamonds are not the everlasting sign of love we have been raised to believe, and while diamonds are still acceptable signs of love, new trends are making it ok to spend less on an engagement ring. As it turns out, the idea that men should spend a certain amount on a ring is a myth.


The custom of giving a wedding ring to someone you love is believed to have started with the ancient Romans. Pliny, the Roman naturalist, remarked that diamonds were among the most beautiful stones in the world. Still, the diamond was not a part of their marital custom. Betrothed were given rings to wear with a key that signified their commitment to a relationship.

Diamond Ring

In fact, the first diamond engagement ring to be created in recorded history was in 1477. It was commissioned by the Archduke of Australia so that he could give it Mary of Burgundy. This simple act sparked a trend of diamond ring exchanges that resonated with European nobility.

American Culture

The culture was alive in America, but it didn’t really catch on until one fated De Beer’s ad in 1943. Copywriter Francis Gerety coined the phrase one night when she realized she still had a crucial project due in the morning. She scribbled the note on a pad, after asking God to give her a line. She pitched the campaign and started an aggressive campaign to write about celebrities who wore diamonds. Once diamonds had reached American stardom, the idea was stuck. Soon, men were encouraged to spend huge swathes of their pay for the year to find a diamond for their sweethearts.

Yet, today’s thrift conscious culture is opting for something different. CZ platinum jewelry, for instance, offers the same sheen for a much lower price tag.


There are a number of practical advantages to a cubic zirconia engagement ring. For one, the price is much cheaper than a diamond, but the stone doesn’t carry all the conflict with it as well. So-called blood diamonds are still prevalent in the industry, turning off some consumers who are more worldly conscious. What one saves on a diamond can go towards a new house, or the wedding itself.

CZ rings can also have different tints that add more color. Many couples will buy a CZ solitaire ring and then save up for a diamond for an anniversary gift. There are a number of alternatives to the traditional diamond model.