The Great Outdoors of Summer

Article written by Sid Solomon

The summer is winding down (or about to wind up, depending on where you are in the world) and it’s never too late to go out and grab that burst of sunshine. Whether you’re up for strolling on the beach, or taking a walk in the park on a warm day – its best that you get geared up properly for it.

Truth is, that while summer may be the best time to go explore the great outdoors, many fail to acknowledge that different activities require different things; like how flip-flops shouldn’t be used to go climbing or hiking, or that sandals may not be as comfortable in the beach like flip-flops are. Whilst it is the time to go and don your best, never forget that function, not form, is what will keep you most comfortable.

If you’d like to take advantage of this summer season, or even to prepare for the next one, you might want to consider selling summer apparel. Wholesale sandals are perfect for summers in the city, or in the country club, perfect with summer hats and those summer dresses – where a matching ensemble becomes the apple of one’s eye. Wholesale flip-flops on the other hand just screams summer in the great wild and wet outdoors, unleash style without coming off as too formal and stiff; in the case of the beach or water sports, the comfortable casual is king (although having flip-flops in different colors to match your outfit won’t hurt anyone!).