The Best Facial Begins with the Furniture

If you run a spa, chances are one of your most popular services is a facial. While everyone loves a good back massage, a facial not only feels great, it leaves the skin looking fantastic as well. Everyone is self-conscious about their face, this is especially welcomed. However, while your staff plays an important role in this service, do not overlook the bed or chair your customer is in during the service. Fail to give it the proper attention and your customers will leave unhappy.

The right facial bed should combine a number of aspects. Of course, it needs to be comfortable, but keep in mind it’s not supposed to be an actual mattress either. It shouldn’t be so comfortable that your client sinks into it, making the staff’s job difficult. While it should be wide enough to fit your customers comfortable, you don’t want it to be too wide either. This could make it difficult for the staff to reach all the angles, especially if the facial involves a masseuse too.

A facial chair should have many of the same features. In many ways, though, it’s fine if it feels like a normal chair. It just needs to be able to lean back to give your staff easy access to the customer’s face. Once again, however, don’t let the chair be so comfortable that your customer is liable to fall asleep.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul. The company sells all the furniture your spa needs, from facial tables to massage beds and so much more.