How to Find a Vintage Patek Philippe & Co. Watch

Few watch manufacturers compare to Patek Philippe & Co, a Swiss company that has been around since 1851. If you can get your hands on a vintage one, you’ve found a piece of treasure from the past that is designed and built better than most of the watches today. You can also feel a bit like royalty. Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both owned Patek Philippe watches.

But finding an authentic Patek Philippe watch is more difficult than finding authentic art deco rings. Here are a few tips to help you find a vintage Patek Philippe watch.

Know what to look for. How can you spot a genuine Patek Philippe watch? The official website has a photograph of each and every watch the company has made since 1851. One way to ensure you have the real deal is to find the watch in question and compare them. It’s also important to check for signatures. For example, the 1905 Patek Philippe watch featured at Cynthia Findlay Antiques is triple signed on the “case, dial, and movement with fluted domed crown.”

Visit an authentic vintage, antique, and estate jewellery retailer. The right retailer is usually on the hunt for gems such as a Patek Philippe watch. They know what to look for and have their eyes peeled. They do the searching for the public and know where to look. While you can scour garage sales and estate sales every weekend, chances are you will not find an authentic piece unless you visit a company that specializes in vintage jewellery.

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