How to complain, effectively and get results

Complaining effectively will not only help customers get the outcomes they desire, but they can additionally provide them with better terms and conditions, saving them time and money. To ensure a complaint is heard, use professional, polite language that will encourage the person receiving the complaint to assist you over another.

Here are some rules that can help you complain effectively.

Have a clear idea of what you want – If you are looking for a refund, a discount, or a redo from a service provider, stating these requirements early on can help staff address a complaint faster.

Complain online – As online sales increase, more customers read reviews before a purchase. A damaging review can deter future customers and reduce a company’s ratings. Look at posting a review on a company’s social media platforms or use private customer review sites such as, Yelp, BBB, ComplaintsBoard, or TripAdvisor to post a review.

Aim high – Contact a company’s CEO or senior level staff with a complaint as they would be more inclined to see that a customer is satisfied. Email addresses of senior-level staff can be found on the company website.

You may be surprised – Some company’s take customer complaints very seriously and they may contact a customer directly to apologize and offer compensation. If this does happen it is good practice to rewrite a negative review and explain how the company addressed the complaint. However, if you are not happy with the company’s response, let them know and include these details by amending the review.

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