How to Choose a Scrub Uniform?

The Uniform Corner is the place to get designer scrubs, Cherokee scrubs and print scrubs.  These are perfect for the medical office or medical center.  They carry the best uniforms to fit all your needs.  It does not matter if you need tops or pants, lab coats, shoes or scrub jackets, the Uniform Corner has them all in sizes from petite to tall fits. 

            In order to choose the right scrubs for you, you need to be sure that you are choosing the correct size.  If you buy them online or at a medical supply store, there should be a sizing chart for you to determine what size you will need.  Your size may vary depending on the company and the brand you are purchasing from.  For scrub pants, you have a choice of ones that have buttons or ones that have a drawstring.  For scrub tops, you can choose from a V-neck or your standard neckline.  It is recommended that if you have a large chest, that you do not purchase a V-neckline since it may show too much cleavage and not appropriate for work.

            The hottest thing in scrubs now is the Katherine Heigl scrubs.  If you are a fan of the TV hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, you are going to want these scrubs.  These scrubs are made from material called Duratech.  This fabric makes things easier for you to move around in.  The best place to get these scrubs and more is at