How to Choose a Dining Style for a Special Event

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Are you planning a special event? Is it going to be catered? Whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate party, the catering company will ask you to choose a presentation style for the food. There are many ways to present and serve food at a special event, from buffet-style to restaurant-style and family-style dining.

So how do you know which style to choose? Does it even matter? The type of style you choose depends on various factors, and yes, it matters. Choosing the wrong dining style can dampen the mood or theme of an event. On the other hand, the right dining style can enhance and perfect your event. Need some assistance? Here are a few tips on how to select the best dining style for a special event.

Tone Matters

Are you planning a casual party or a formal event? The tone of the event should match the type of dining style you choose for your special event. If you’re throwing a casual affair with LA catering services, consider buffet-style dining. But if you’re planning an elegant black tie event, a buffet will surely damped the atmosphere. For a fancy party, consider restaurant-style dining. If you’re planning a hip networking event for young professionals, consider food stations.

Consider Space

In addition to the tone of the party, the space of the venue also matters when choosing a dining style. For example, a casual wedding in a small venue might not have room for a large buffet table, even though buffet-style would fit the tone of the event. In this case, it would be better to select a dining style such as family-style dining, which offers a casual feel to the event without using up any additional space. An elegant upscale wedding with restricted banquet space can also work well with food stations, as long as they are served by well-dressed waiters and feature high-quality food.