Finding the Best Vintage Jewelry

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Vintage jewelry is your chance to outfit yourself with some one-of-a-kind pieces that compliment your outfits. Vintage rings have a sentimental quality about them, and hand-me-downs can be powerful accents. If you’re in the market for these pieces, these tips will help you find amazing creations at the lowest prices.


Gold is a classic metal, used all throughout the roaring 20s and well before then. These pieces tend to be large and lovely. Antique rings are an excellent choice, but bracelets can be equally stunning. Buying vintage also has the advantage of being cheaper than a brand new piece. You get the look you want at a price that is affordable.


Many fashionistas are speculating that pearls will make a big comeback in the coming years of fashion. Pearls are expected to be a big hit during fall, when necklaces and other pieces help compliment a cashmere sweater. Brides will can also shop for pearls in estate jewellery shops, where it’s easy to find that “something old” to go with the rest of the ensemble.

Shopping Tips

If you want the best deals, you either need to travel or shop online. Antique dealers have a broad range of jewelry to choose from, but you may have to hunt for the piece that’s right for you. It’s also worth checking out reputable dealers online, as many have easy shipping programs and purchase jewelry from sources not available to the mom and pop shops. The main shopping tip is to buy when the time is right. Vintage jewelry typically lacks duplicates, so you must buy when you find a piece you want.