Essential Home Gear – The Ove Glove and More

Here are three items you should definitely have in your home. The first is the ove glove. Have you ever cooked or baked something and found that the intense heat comes through your kitchen mitts or gloves on the way to the table? No more. These gloves are amazing and can resist heat up to 540 degrees. This means you can grab anything hot and bring it straight to the table from the stove or even without worrying about the heat getting through. The other major advantage is that these are proper gloves. You can now use all five fingers unlike those oven mitts.

Wireless home security systems are also something you should have. Never underestimate the need for a security system at your home. Theft and burglary can happen to anyone and especially in this case, prevention is always better than cure. Having a security system can also save lives and injury when it comes to home invasions. This is probably the most essential of the three.

Finally we have leather cleaner. This is only essential if you have ANY leather furniture at all. If you do, you should always keep some leather cleaner around. Leather needs to be cleaned quickly to prevent staining. This is even more essential if you have leather in the house and you have pets. Pets can soil furniture but with leather it is worse.

These are three essential items for your home. Check back again for more.