Dental Malpractice Cases with Dental Implant Nerve Injury

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Dental implants are an excellent way to get your teeth restored to almost perfect condition. This has become popular because it delivers such good results to the patient. Though it can be a lengthy and expensive procedure, imagine having your teeth restored to like new.

When patients go in for this procedure, they are usually hopeful that all will go well, and they’ll get the great results that were promised. In most cases, this happens, but what about those cases where the patient is injured during the process?

The problem begins when dentists start doing dental implants who have not been properly trained. Because dental implants are now so popular, there’s a shortage of qualified dentists who can do them. This has given rise to inexperienced dentists advertising that they provide this service when they don’t have any actual training.

If you are unlucky enough to select a dentist who is not well trained, then you could be left with dental implant nerve injury. Sometimes this will heal up in a few months but in some cases, the patient suffers for years. Anytime someone in injured in this way, they have a right to recover damages.

A person has 3 years from the date of the injury to file their claim. It’s important to have tangible evidence. Get witness statements and photos. Speak to a dental implant nerve injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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