Décor as Discourse: Communicating a Specific Mood through Interior Design


When I think of my great-grandmother’s house, I remember her hardwood floors the most. Huge, thickly textured slabs of deep brown wood, studded with huge black nail heads that made her home feel as sturdy as the mountain she lived on. Seeing that kind of rustic and solid wood always awakens feelings of comfort and stability in me. Everyone carries secret meanings and memories like these in their hearts without even realizing it. Inspiration can come from many places; to brainstorm ideas that suit you, try immersing yourself in your favorite memories and see what jumps out.

Nostalgia and Memories

Many people already do this in one way or another; some use heirlooms, others build dens full of reminders of their college days or favorite sports teams. If you are trying to think of moods to suit your room, weather can be a great jumping-off point. For example, pushing back curtains one winter morning to see fresh-fallen snow is another possible powerful memory. Many modern homes and apartments use shutters or shades, and recalling these moments can be the jumpstart you needed to bring a more comfortable, fabric window treatment back into the intimate space of your bedroom. Your previous choice may have been perfectly functional, even beautiful, but invoking the magic of a treasured memory is part of what can make a house a home.

Better Together

Since you are likely to know the people who will be sharing your space (if any), consider experiences or places of great significance that deepened your connection. Smell is a subtle but effective way of calling up memories. For example, revisit a honeymoon to Finland by choosing a cedar door and heated floors for your bathroom, evocative of their famous saunas. A master bathroom with subliminal reminders of a happy vacation can brighten up your morning showers and set the mood for the rest of your day. Just changing the kind of wood your front door is made of can make you feel more at home from the moment you walk in. Through interior design you can make your home a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

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