Cleverly Persuasive Tactics Used in Car Sales, and How to Avoid Them

Article written by Education Industry news

When you try to sell your car in Burbank, some sales people will take interesting tactics to try and put you behind the wheel of a new one. These used-car-salesmantactics have proven effective over many years, but it’s possible to get around them if you know what to look for. One of the ways that companies like Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St. in Burbank, are different is that they offer a clear process for selling your car. Run into any of these sales tactics and you might find yourself dealing with a dishonest seller.


Clever manipulation of language is like a mind trick you can’t necessarily pinpoint. You’ve often fallen victim to it before you even realize what’s going on. For example, sales people may approach you with the line “so, are you looking for a car or an SUV today?” Odds are that your first response isn’t going to be “just looking”. Once they have you saying “I don’t know” or asking questions, you’re as good as sold.

They also use tricks when you want to sell your used car in Burbank, or any other major city. They’ll poke holes in your upholstery or point out scratches by touching them. This way, they can safely lowball you with a trade-in value well below what your car is worth.

Another clever method used to persuade customers is to point out that the car the customer wants happens to be one of the fastest selling cars in the dealer’s inventory. This creates a sense of urgency in the buyer, who now feels like closing the deal is a life or death situation.

Some even practice “reading” potential buyers, feeling them out to see which features are most important to them.

Are any of these sales tactics morally wrong? Not really, but they can be unnecessarily persuasive. If you want to get around this kind of talk, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself on the type of make and model vehicle you want.

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