Best Affordable Hearing Devices for Seniors

All the hearing devices in the table are under $100 . They are considered good quality for the price and have the basic controls. Most of these devices have rechargeable batteries. However, for under $100 dollars you will not see many hearing aids with noise-canceling or Bluetooth capabilities.

Brand Type Tinnitus Masking Volume Control Trial Period
Hue Hearing ITE Yes Yes 90 days
Anzorhal BTE No Yes No
Chisana ITE No Yes No
Glorified Mary BTE No Yes No
Onebridge ITE No Yes No

When we look at the table there is a device that stands head and shoulders above the others and that is not only do they have noise canceling but they offer tinnitus masking, come with 3 different dome sizes, and a long-lasting battery. This company is confident in their product and offers a trial period of 90 days if you are not happy then you keep the device and they will refund your money.

Some other features to look for when you are thinking of purchasing a device is customer support,  it is always great to have the support or be able to get in contact with the company. Hue Hearing provides a contact form, telephone number and email address on their website.

There are so many great hearing aid products on the market that it can be difficult to decide and know which device to purchase. These customers have made it easy for you because reviews are so important from one customer to another here are some HueHearing Reviews.