3 Ways You Can Use Foam Inserts To Protect Your Belongings

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Foam is a highly versatile material, known for its flexibility and protective quality. This is why people have used foam inserts to protect fragile products in shipping packages and as a way to store and protect precious paraphernalia. These custom-cut pieces of foam have many practical uses, but here are three practical ways you can use them for household items.

Storing jewelry

Foam inserts are often used to display jewelry pieces in stores, and you can repurpose that idea for use at home. Jewelry boxes may be aesthetically pleasing, but they aren’t always the most secure when it comes to storing your jewelry. Foam inserts will conform to the shape of jewelry so that necklaces and rings will fit into them snugly for organized, secure storage.


Whether you enjoy collecting rare coins, model cars, or ceramic plates, you can understand the need to protect your collectibles if you plan on selling them one day. Foam inserts will secure them without damaging their delicate exteriors, ensuring that they stay in near-mint condition for a long time.

Christmas decorations

Decorating for Christmas is a fun and exciting tradition, but it can be a hassle to put all of the fragile items away after December. If you need a good way to store your ornaments, nutcrackers, or Nativity set, foam inserts will make it much easier to put them away for next year.  If you need a custom set of foam inserts for your household items, contact The Foam Factory. They can create custom packaging for almost any shape. Send them an email for more details