Why you should refresh your salon and spa furniture

While it’s always important to keep your services fresh and your staff refining their craft, don’t lose sight of the many ways your business can improve. One easy method, for example, is replacing or updating your equipment.

Think how much time a customer of yours spends in a massage chair. How many hours out of the day do your customers spend on top of your spa tables? Chances are it’s a considerable amount of time. Successful salon owners elect to make the most out of these moments.

After all, their customers aren’t just lying there doing nothing. Of course they’re trying to rest and relax, but it makes sense that they’re also forming opinions about the services being provided. Part of those services is the equipment being used to provide it.

When looking for new equipment and furniture, many salon owners elect to purchase equipment that comes with a guarantee. For one thing, this guards against any malfunctions or shoddy craftsmanship. However, it also gives the owner time to test out the equipment and see what their customers think. If customers don’t like the new furnishings, they can always return them and spend their money on a different version.

In the end, this is also a great way of showing your customers how much their business means to you. Not only are you buying new furniture to please them, but you’re asking them for their feedback.


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