What Are The First Signs of Hearing Loss?

The human ear drum is a miraculous device, but it does have its limits. If you work around loud noises on a regular basis, your hearing can gradually be damaged. Unfortunately, the world seems to get louder each day. In a week’s time, you might hear everything from thunder to a gunshot or the screech of a car. You may not even realize that your hearing has become damaged by these noises.

High-pitched consonants such as “f,” “s,” “t”, “g” and “z” are the most difficult to hear when you have noise-induced hearing loss. The lower frequencies produced by the sounds of vowels are easier to hear. It can be hard to tell the difference between words like get and yes if you have hearing loss.

There’s a special type of hearing loss called tinnitus where the individual may hear ringing in their ears regularly. The causes for this can vary. Sometimes if you’re sick, you’ll hear a constant noise in your ears that can be quite bothersome. Once you get well, this should go away. If it persists, then make an appointment with an audiologist and have your hearing checked.

If you work around loud noises, be sure to wear ear protection. There are some sounds that are just naturally louder than others. This includes riding a motorcycle, shooting a gun, the sounds of mowers and trimmers, among others.

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In conclusion, our ears are incredible organs capable of capturing a wide range of sounds, from the gentlest whisper to the loudest bang. However, they have limits, and exposure to loud noises can gradually damage our hearing over time. The world is becoming increasingly noisy, and it’s important to protect our ears from harmful sounds. Protecting your hearing is vital, especially if you work in environments with loud noises. Wearing ear protection can significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage.