Tips In Selecting A Baby Jogger Stroller And Other Types Of Car Seats

In the United States, car seat laws are strictly enforced for a good cause. In early 2000, there have been numerous cases of child injuries and deaths caused by poor child safety features in a vehicle. To keep our children protected, we must conform to these rules at all cost. Along with this, manufacturers have developed numerous types of car seats, such as double baby joggers and mountain buggy stroller for us to select from. If you are still confused as to which type of car seat you should purchase, here’s a guide you can follow:

Purchase a car seat that will fit your child’s weight, age and height. The rear facing seats are ideal for infants and newborns. It is also advisable to keep your child in this type of car seat for as long as possible until your child is able to sit up without your aid or is at least 9 kg. Once your child turns 2, you can now switch to a forward facing car seat. Booster seats are ideal for children aged around 8 years old or weighing at least 40 pounds.

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