Tips for rattan furniture care

Written by Wicker Paradise

Here are some tips on maximizing the lifetime of your rattan furniture sets:

Clean – When cleaning wicker furniture always be as gentle as possible. Use soft cloths and soft brush attachments when using the vacuum.

Dry – Whenever you wash rattan furniture, or it gets wet, always leave it to dry properly before sitting down on them again. Doing so will damage the weave permanently. Proper drying takes about three days.

Mildew – Clean Mold and Mildew as quickly as possible. Use soapy water and a little bit of bleach to kill the mold spores. Once again, it will need to be dried properly before use.

Vacuum – Use the softest brush attachment when using the vacuum cleaner. The more often you vacuum, the better, but it also depends on how much dust collects. If there is a constant layer of dust, then vacuum at least once a week.

Lift – When moving rattan furniture around, lift it off the ground and then put it down. Remove any wicker furniture cushions and move it. Do not drag rattan furniture around.

Rotation – Rattan furniture will fade in the sunlight over time. Give all the furniture an even fade by rotating the positions.

Feet – Use felt pads or rubber stoppers and protect the feet of the chairs and tables. Rubber stoppers also ensure that people will not drag them around.


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