The Top Four Waffle Irons

Waffles are something that almost everyone enjoy, especially with toppings. They are simply delicious. A substandard waffle maker is likely to take more time and produce doughy and pale waffles. There are a wide range of waffle makers in the markets, which can be a little confusing. Before you buy a new waffle maker for your kitchen it is better to go through the user’s reviews to know which the top brands/models are.

Among the top four waffle makers is the CHEF’s CHOICE Belgian Waffle-Pro /Texture-select 850. It can make delectable waffles in just a matter of few minutes. You can make waffles of your choice with the Taste-Select button. The unit of this waffle maker is made of stainless steel. Its weight is approximately 8 pounds. It has a square perforated cooking surface. You can select the baking temperature by adjusting a rotating dial.

The second on the listing of waffle makers is the CHEF’s CHOICE Waffle-Pro Express 840B.This waffle maker has a slim look and occupies minimal space. The top grid and bottom grid are connected through a swinging-handle. You can prepare waffles of even thickness. This waffle maker will allow you to make deep pocket waffles, on which you can add toppings. The waffles are also going to be crispy and tasty.

The third on the listing is the VillaWare Compact-Pro a Belgian flip-Waffler V31201. You can make waffles of the professional style. This waffle maker allows you to bake four square- shaped waffles of 1.25-inch thickness. Each square will be of 4×4-inches. A dial is used to control the browning. The lightest browning setting is 1 and the maximum is 6.

The fourth on the listing is the Presto-03510 FlipSide. It comes with a digital timer. The flip over design allows you to bake waffles of even thickness. Using this waffle iron is very simple and it occupies very less space. It can bake waffles in a minimal time.