The Research on Soccer Doesn’t Lie

According to the website Science Daily, there is a study that has shown the incredible benefits of playing soccer.  Perhaps after you hear the results of the study, you will feel inspired to go buy some new soccer shoes and hit the local soccer field.  The study spanned across 7 countries and three years.

The study concluded that there are countless benefits to playing soccer.  Soccer was found to have a powerful impact on physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  Soccer also provides plenty of opportunities for social interaction.  In order to allow for some perspective, the study evaluated and tracked both runners and soccer players.  While the study showed that running provides plenty of advantages, soccer provides just as many benefits.  In fact, in certain cases, soccer provides even more benefits than running.  Therefore, next time you go to your local sporting goods store, maybe you should select a soccer back pack instead of running shoes.

There’s no denying that playing soccer is extremely beneficial for physical health.  Those that play soccer regularly can easily maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  The study showed that in order for players to benefit from the sport, soccer training needs to take place for at least 2 to 3 hours a week.  Doing so has a positive impact on one’s cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal systems.

One of the exciting things about soccer is that it can easily be played by all different types of people.  People of both genders and all ages can play this interesting sport.  Another fact is that people don’t have to actually be a good player in order to reap positive changes in their body and fitness level.

One thing that the study proved was that the soccer players usually maintained their exercise commitment more than the runners did.  A possible explanation for this is that soccer is simply more fun than running.  Soccer is also more about teamwork and community which can create more motivation than simply running for yourself every day.  It’s not shocking that the sport that is more fun and involves considering other people has more fans.

An important takeaway from this study is that choosing an exercise routine that you genuinely enjoy is an indication that you’ll stick with it.  It also seems that working out simply to try to change one’s body doesn’t motivate for very long.  Choosing an exercise regime that you love will be good for your overall health and happiness.


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