Revolution in Tanning

Before the advent of current technology, tanning had to be done the long, hard, and hot way. This was none other than sweating it out and baking yourself on the beach. Then came modern science and medicine and we figured out that all that time in the sun could lead to skin cancer and other skin diseases. With a major health risk like that and other problems such as getting sun burnt and using up so much time on the beach, tanning salons became popular. These tanning salons also became popular especially in places that didn’t have easy access to a beach, lake, or similar area. Tanning salons were still problematic though because they still took some time and also used the same harmful UV rays that we get while on the beach. The only real solution that gave was a way for people to tan without going to a beach area. The next best solution cam when spray tanning became popular.

Tanning salons started using an airbrush spray tan machine to tan their customers and it allowed them to serve more customers with less harmful effects. Spray tan products could also be used at home making even more convenient for those who wanted quick tan. Just imagine how easy it was to go a few skin tones darker right before heading out of the house!

Spray tanning has definitely got to be the best solution for a quick tan because of its ease of use, short time to accomplish and ease of procurement.