Reasons to Purchase Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

This article was written by RDPSoft Company

Is your business on the fence about remote desktop software? It’s understandable. The decision to purchase remote desktop software is a big one. Business owners need to make sure that the software is vital to their daily operations before allocating the funds for such an investment. They also want to ensure that it will meet their needs and budget.

Whether you interested in upgrading your current software or buying it for the first time, shopping for remote desktop monitoring software can be overwhelming. To help you make a well-informed decision, RDPSoft Company has provided the following reasons you might need to buy remote desktop software for your business.

You have offsite employees. Have you allowed one or more employees to work from home or a satellite office? You’re not alone. Many business owners are allowing their employees to work from home, especially because many studies have shown that working from home increases productivity. The ability to work from home makes employees more appreciative of their job. Employees are happier and end up working more efficiently. This option is also beneficial for the employer, because projects are completed faster.

But working from home isn’t always beneficial to the business owner. Many managers find it hard to track project work flows and productivity from remote offices. Fortunately, remote desktop software can help. One of the main purposes of remote desktop management software is to monitor and track the productivity of your offsite employees. Remote desktop management software is designed to gather information about remote desktop sessions, or a terminal server session. Even if your employees are working diligently, you might want a report of what they are doing and when.

You need detailed reports. Do you need more information than user session activity? While there is remote desktop management software that tracks basic information, it’s possible to find software that produces detailed reports of the information you need. For example, the Remote Desktop Reporter designed by RDPSoft has over 10 different categories of reporting, from basic user session activity to detailed user productivity.

Other reporting features include program tracking, hourly user activity, attendance by day, client workstations and addresses, display metrics, load factors, peak concurrent sessions, and more. The key to finding software that works for you is to research the features and reporting capabilities. Once you find software that offers the features you need, you can have more confidence to allow employees to work from home.
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