Portable Power for Remote Locations


Energy and power supplies might not always be available everywhere, especially in remote locations. Businesses set up in remote locations or companies operating in fields such as construction and engineering might often need portable power sources. This is especially the case when it comes to starting up equipment engines. Portable power supply sources are specifically designed to be lightweight and conveniently transportable across several locations.

When it comes to portable power supply units, there might be several options such as self-propelled diesel resources. The latest technology when it comes to these types of units is the use of lithium batteries. These types of batteries can last up to two times as long as regular lead-acid batteries. They also offer lightweight properties as they are over 40% lighter and 32% smaller than the latter. This lightweight property and smaller size is convenient for all types of transportation and storage.

However, business might consider the best available alternative to power supply as per their specific needs. When it comes to carrying power units and transporting them in aircrafts, lithium-based ones might be a good alternative due to their lightness. These types of power units are beneficial to businesses helping them keep blackouts at bay and powering equipments. When it comes to domestic uses, these types of power supplies could also aid to start up heavy duty equipment.

Start Pac specializes in a variety of products such as power supply for mining equipment, turbine starting devices and units such as ground power units.