Luxurious San Juan Island Accommodations

Consider visiting the San Juan Islands if you’re planning a vacation. These islands are located on the West Coast, just north of Seattle and south of Vancouver. There are many exciting things to do on the islands, but sometimes all you need is to relax and enjoy the lovely unspoiled ocean and beaches. It’s easy to find smartly priced but Luxurious San Juan Island Accommodations.

Smugglers Cove, for example, is a historic site worth seeing. Smugglers and pirates are known to have frequented these islands over 200 years ago. Hiking around the islands in quest of treasure left behind by smugglers is a popular pastime for tourists. Be sure to get plenty of photos on your trek.

Gathering clams and oysters is another enjoyable hobby. Because there are no commercial marinas in the vicinity of Westcott Bay, the clams and oysters are particularly fresh and tasty. They’re also quite easy to come by. Simply wait till the tide goes out, then walk down to the shore and pick them up.

If you don’t want to do that, there are several nearby oyster farms where you can get wonderful oysters for dinner. San Juan Island rentals are plentiful, with everything from modestly priced cabins to huge residences available in a variety of locations throughout the islands. San Juan PM has all the resources available to assist you in locating just what your family requires.

San Juan Island Rental

If you’ve been thinking about taking a vacation, the San Juan Island Rental website is certain to have all the vacation rentals you’ll need. Choose lake cottages near the sea, downtown condos or quaint cabins in the woods. You’ll find so many San Juan PM services that can assist you in finding the ideal vacation rental for your family.