How to Vet Your Pitbull Breeder

Learn how to find reputable pitbull breeders on and offline.

If you’re looking for blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, then you should see a professional breeder to find the kind of dog you want. You can always rescue a dog, but you run the danger of inheriting a poorly socialized animal that can be depressed. Raising a dog from its years as a puppy allows you to build loyalty with your best friend that will continue throughout both of your lives.

Unfortunately, there are a great deal of unscrupulous characters in the dog breeding industries. Some who even fake their credentials! If you’re shopping for a pitbull breeder, this advice will help you find someone reliable.

Red Flags

Any reputable breeder offering XXL pitbull puppies for sale will conform to a few standards. First and foremost, it should be possible to visit your potential puppy whenever you want within reason. The breeder’s dogs should all appear clean and have a lively disposition. Dogs should also have roomy spaces to sleep and eat.

These kinds of breeders don’t always have puppies immediately available, but they do take waiting lists. Put your name down if you find a breeder that fits this basic mold.

Responsible breeders may also ask you some questions, such as why you want the particular breed you’re buying, or explain who in the family might be responsible for the care of that dog. You may even be required to sign some kind of wellness contract, where you agree to bring the dog back to the breeder should you find yourself unable to live with the care requirements of your new family member.

Armed with these basic facts, it should be possible to find a reputable breeder in your area or online.

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