How to check if your whole clothes are good quality.

Purchasing wholesale tops or other clothing can sometimes be worrisome, many wholesalers out there are not the quality they claim to be. Finding someone who is willing to give you quality items at a good price can be the biggest battle we struggle with in getting stock for our businesses, buying items such as wholesale pants that fall apart with one wash can be a big pain when trying to own a reputable business.

To avoid having your reputation tarnished by clothes that may seem well made but after a first wash or serious wear are garbage, always get a test product first. Most reputable places will be happy to send you a sample product, usually for a little higher than bulk single price but it shouldn’t be too much. Then tug on some of the “stress” areas, so for jeans it would be the knees, rear, crotch, and pockets. If you are a particularly strong person, putting all your force into it isn’t necessary but give it a good few tugs, and put it through the wash with other clothes, and tug on it a few more times. If it doesn’t tear or rip then it’s rather decently made. Though some clothes are naturally more fragile then others so the rules doesn’t apply as much, such as sheer over shirts and leggings, but it’s still important to check the quality of the sew and fabric as much as possible. Because even if it is fragile, if a customer wears it only a few times and finds a bad review, then your store will be to blame, not the supplier.