How to Approach an Unknown Warning Light

Article by Delta Driving School

Although cars are complex pieces of machinery, most modern cars have sensors and systems that can help it monitor various levels and conditions. If a problem ever arises with your car it will alert you via a warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard. Some warning symbols are a little easier to decipher, such as those for an unbuckled seatbelt or low gas, but some of them are tougher to make sense of. When an unknown light comes on you need to act quickly.

Pull Over

If an unknown light comes up on your dashboard while you are driving your car the first course of action should be to safely pull over and turn the engine off. The warning symbol could be for an urgent issue, which is why it would be wise to play it on the safe side.

Check the Manual

The next step should be to consult the driver’s manual that came with your vehicle. This manual should have all sorts of important information, from different safety features to how to customize the built-in display. There should also be a chart that outlines what the various warning symbols mean and what you should do to handle each one. Some may be as simple as checking your gas cap, while others may require the help of a mechanic.

Call for Assistance

Depending on the severity of the situation, you may need to call for assistance. Calling for roadside assistance to tow your car and making an appointment with a nearby mechanic could be the safest route to take.

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