Applications of closed cell foam

canadafoambymail1Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Closed cell foam is a medium density, relatively strong foam. During the curing process, gas bubbles are trapped within the foam. Unlike open cell foam, this does not allow any air inside or liquid inside. Due to the density requirements, closed cell foam is three times stronger than polyurethane foam.

In terms of application, closed cell foam Canada is ideal for flotation applications. Since the foam consists of trapped gas bubbles, no water will ever get in. This means it’s perfect for life vests and floating cushions. It has also been used for commercial boat seating and any seating that is close to the water. Although dense, products that use closed cell foam will tend to float.

Thanks to its lack of water absorption, this can safely be covered with any fabric. In fact, closed cell foam is often used as layering with types of foam. One such application is as additional support for products like mattresses, while in other cases it offers insulation from the water. This is especially useful when using softer foams or fiberfill.

Custom cushions made from close cell foam will be harder than normal. In those cases, a softer upper layer or batting can be used to increase comfort or to augment the shape slightly.


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